Web Design We design and build effective websites that are customer friendly and Search Engine friendly. As around 15% of all sales in the British economy are now completed online and which is predicted to make up 40% by 2020, having an effective website is essential to promote your business to increase sales, communicate with customers and to stay ahed in the competition.
SEO & Adwords Administration Search engines are the way in which 90% of people locate the internet resources and 75% of them intending to buy a product or service. 84% of searchers never make it past the first two pages of the search results. Through our ongoing SEO service we can optimize your website for the most searched key words and increase traffic to your website using proven innovative techniques.
Bespoke Development Though there are lot of take away solutions for each business type not everyone wants to run their business in the same way as every one else and the generic solutions doen't help them neither. Anybody who have used an generic solution related to their business domain would have realised this. Especially in an increasingly competitive environment we need software that allows to add new features easily and cost effectively. Our software development is based on proven open source technologies and highly modularised, Which brings powerful solutions at an affordable price to growning businesses.
IT Consulting & Training In the ever chaning world of software development, the technologies used for developing solutions become out dated very fast and replaced with new and advanced technologies. If you are having your own team for developing your software requirements, we can help you in training your team in new technologies and even setup the development environment for you so that you can kick start the development quickly. Also our team of highly experienced consultants can work with you and ensure the successfull delivery of your project.